Lighting Vape Ni200 Tempered Premium Made in U.S.A 25 Ft. Available: 24g. 26g, 28g


Rebuilding with Ni200 Nickel just got a little easier. Tempered Ni200 nickel wire has the feel and consistency of Kanthal A1 wire, but almost exactly the same resistance as annealed Ni200 wire. Recommended for temperature controlled devices & chips.

  • Available in 22 AWG, 24 AWG, 26AWG, 28AWG, 30AWG & 32AWG
  • Tempered for a more firm end product
  • Perfect for temperature controlled devices
  • MUCH easier to build with than annealed Ni200

Lighting Vape Ni200 Tempered 24 Awg (0.5), Lighting Vape Ni200 Tempered 26 Awg (0.4), Lighting Vape Ni200 Tempered 28 Awg (0.32)



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